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  1. Beacon Theater question
  2. Bad Attitude Live vs Live at the Bottom Line '85
  3. Storytellers DVD VS CD
  4. Waitress ?
  5. Bad Attitude
  6. music video's
  7. best Rocky Horror Song?
  9. Cant get hold of Blind Before I Stop..
  10. Get hold of or listen to "In The Presence Of The Lord"?
  11. Life Is A Lemon (live)
  12. At Long Last A Bat 2
  13. Twelve Inch Mixes CD
  14. Quick question - One More Kiss
  15. Los Angeloser
  16. Perferred Meat?
  17. "Whore"- Meat/Patti version
  18. casa de carn tour
  19. Who is the leader - Meat/Edwin Starr Duet version
  20. Gimme Shelter: 1977 Definitive version
  21. Question that needs an answer
  22. Burning Down - Live!!
  23. "it's all coming back to me now" video theory.
  24. A question about the quality of Meat Loaf Live
  25. time for a change
  26. There's something new about monkeys and skyscrapers
  27. Your Ideal Meat Loaf Set List
  28. AFL '06
  29. quick Alive question
  30. Backing Track question: Roxy Hot Patootie
  31. Everything Compared To A Single Song?
  32. Steinmanosity
  33. Rock And Roll Dreams in 1981
  34. Everything Louder Live
  35. A Question about Rock n Roll Mercenaries
  36. More 'Best Of' live discs?
  38. A Time For Heroes
  39. Best Live Version Of You Took The Words?
  40. Some Thoughts About Live Around The World
  41. Lost Love and other lost songs
  42. Testify live
  43. Best Live Version Of All Revved Up?
  44. Meat Loaf: Masculine
  45. Bad Attitude USA or Rest Of World edition?
  46. Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell
  47. Best live version of Heaven Can Wait?
  48. Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell (Rarities Edition)
  49. Bat out of Hell IV: The Final at Bat
  50. Question on IACBTM picture disc
  51. BooH SACD
  52. Best live version of Two Out Of Three?
  53. Virgin Compilations?
  54. Best Live Release?
  55. More Than You Deserve
  56. Best Live release of Paradise?
  57. Your current top 10 ML songs.
  58. Opinions on The Monster Is Loose a couple of years on...
  59. Best live version of For Crying Out Loud?
  60. Stoney & Meatloaf album reviews thread
  61. Blind Before I Stop album reviews thread
  62. Bad Attitude album reviews thread
  64. Meat Loaf Live Storm CD
  65. Midnight at the Lost & Found album reviews thread
  66. Best Live Version Of Dead Ringer?
  67. Like a Rose: Conservative Mix
  68. IACBTMN duet w/ Patti
  69. Best Live Release Of Midnight At The Lost And Found?
  70. 99. Peace On Earth
  71. Mr. PC
  72. 100. Living On The Outside
  73. Prize Fight Lover
  74. 101. Los Angeloser
  75. Is Nothing Sacred Anymore Video
  76. One More Kiss LIVE
  77. Surfs Up - LIVE (well as close to it as anyone will get)
  78. Special Girl LIVE
  79. Best Live Release of Frying Pan?
  80. Let It Be
  81. a Duet version of Two out of Three...
  82. MY 3000 Post Extravaganza (Meat Loaf videos ahoy!)
  83. Best live release of Masculine
  84. bat 2 review
  85. Song for Leno & Lopez
  86. Best live release of Life Is A Lemon
  87. Bat 2 Singles And History Of Meat Loaf Live Question
  88. Home By Now / No Matter What
  89. Frying Pan, Lemon, or Break It?
  90. Best live release of Rock And Roll Dreams?
  91. Is the Modern Girl Video out on DVD?
  92. Best live release of Anything For Love?
  93. What if there was a new Very Best Of?
  94. A Time for Heroes. Sheet music or backing track?.
  95. Are there any songs in Meat's catalogue that everyone likes?
  96. If Meat did a country duet...
  97. Hearts on Fire (Car Trouble)?
  98. Top 20 Live Recordings?
  99. You've Got To Love Me With The Sun In Your Eyes Until The Day You Go Blind
  100. What's your favourite ending to Paradise
  101. Left In The Dark Live version...
  102. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Bat Out Of Hell
  103. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Dead Ringer
  104. I remastered three Stoney and Meatloaf songs that have never been released on CD
  105. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell
  106. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Welcome to the Neighborhood
  107. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Midnight at the Lost & Found
  108. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Bad Attitude
  109. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Blind Before I Stop
  110. The B-Sides/Obscure Song Database
  111. Rank the Songs Greatest To Least: Stoney and Meatloaf (w/ the re-issue Exclusives)
  112. There was an extended version of Everything is Permitted?
  113. The Greatest Single Never to be Released?
  114. 3 Bats Live: Bad For Good REEDITED
  115. Great Boleros Of Fire
  116. Pam Moore & Meat: Paradise at last
  117. the Dream Melbourne Symphony Orchestra set for the 2004 DVD?
  118. The Alternate / Extended /Remixed Versions Database
  119. Masculine live (Objects B-side)
  120. 102. If I Can't Have You
  121. 103. Love Is Not Real (Next Time You Stab Me In The Back)
  122. 104. Like A Rose
  123. 105. Song Of Madness
  124. 106. Did You Ever Love Somebody?
  125. Your Favorite Music Videos ... That never were
  126. 107. California Isn't Big Enough (Hey There Girl)
  127. Which one do you prefer; Welcome to the Neighbourhood or Couldn't have Said it Better
  128. 107. Running Away From Me
  129. 108. Let's Be In Love
  130. A couple of thoughts about the Bat 2 live rehearsal tracks
  131. 109. If It Rains
  132. 110. Elvis In Vegas
  133. YOU rank the albums Greatest to Least
  134. Party in the Park: made better
  135. Whats your Top Ten Non-Jim songs
  136. Out of the Frying Pan (custom EXTREME EDIT)
  137. The F Word In Like A Rose
  138. Bat 3 or Hang Cool Teddy Bear
  139. Bat II or Hang Cool Teddy Bear?
  140. Bat 1 or HCTB
  141. This has a point .... Bad Attitude or HCTB?
  142. WTTN or HCTB?
  143. MATLAF or BBIS?
  144. Enough with the pointless polls!
  145. What's your top 10 Meat/Steinman songs?
  146. What's your top 10 live recordings that sound better then the studio recording?
  147. Songs that sound better in the studio?
  148. Mercury Blues (Melbourne): De-"Fillered"
  149. Best Version of Hot Patootie by Meat?
  150. ML songs good for a Halloween party?
  151. Angel Road
  152. "Was That Song Performed Live?" Your questions answered.
  153. Something I've wondered about the Rock 'N' Roll Medley...
  154. interesting IGLHFBOU Footage (Mimed performance, but still!)
  155. A new Gimme Shelter performance
  156. Bad For Good or Dead Ringer ?
  157. If another live track were to be released from the PNC show...
  158. The HCTB Live Tracks
  159. Singles Discography
  160. Do You Consider "Did I Say That?" a Ballad?
  161. Under rated.
  162. Your top ten Meat songs?
  163. THE TUFFEST POLL EVER: For Crying Out Loud or Objects?
  164. Meat's 10 most Intense songs.
  165. Wario's Video Edits thread.
  166. Edgar Allen Poe in GGGTH, go FISH
  167. Life is a Lemon - VBO 'Remix'
  168. Meat Loaf or Springsteen: The Rock Medley or The Detroit Medley
  169. THE NEXT HARDEST POLL: Bat Out Of Hell or Bat Out Of Hell LIVE
  170. Bat Out Of Hell
  171. Which studio album had Meat's best vocal performance?
  172. What songs, in your opinion, are the hardest to sing?
  173. Singles that are covers
  174. Did we all overlook this Dead Ringer relrease?
  175. Weird Noise in Hot patootie and a mystery about the Time Warp
  176. The Monster Is Loose King Kong Mix
  177. Lyrics Question
  178. In The Land Of The Pig (Pelts/From Hell MIX)
  179. What's Your Favourite Diane Warren Song recorded By Meat?
  180. (It Hurts) Only When I Feel or If It Ain't Broke (Break It)?
  181. What was in the 50 Minute Medley?
  182. I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us in 2007
  183. Meat Loaf: Blind Before I Stop Live
  184. The 'Two Out Of Three' you just Gotta See to believe
  185. Heaven Can Wait Live
  186. I'd Lie For You
  187. what Meat Loaf song has the best chorus?
  188. Overthinking It; BOOH
  189. Anything For Love - 1978 Video Style
  190. How Meat Loaf impacted our lives personally
  191. The Exact number of studio Meat Loaf songs is....
  192. Song of Madness - Batman Style
  193. Anything For Love - 2011 Style
  194. IJWQ: Pandoras Box or Meat's version?
  195. Full Spreadsheet of Meat Loaf Songs Live, the ultimate reference
  196. the better voice on an uncommon album?
  197. The Rock & Roll Medley during the Bat 2 Tour
  198. Is Objects still the longest unbracketed Song title given to a single?
  199. what the h*** does this mean?
  200. The Masculine - Revved Up Connection
  201. Standing In The Storm (Lyrics)
  202. Ultimate Sin????
  204. If It Ain't Broke Break It
  205. Paradise: Leap of Faith or Regular Music Video
  206. Did I Say That? (Decade Later)
  207. Bat 2 the picture show!
  208. Cool Kid playing BBIS
  209. Some tid-bits on masculine, statistics, and "guilty pleasures" I refrenced.
  210. The Meat Loaf song Lyrics and song refrences in Meat Loaf songs thread
  211. Meat's second biggest hit
  212. Lemon or Break It?
  213. A unique What you See Is What You Get ..... um, how do I put it ..... "Music Video"
  214. Will we see Meat perform any more songs from Bat 3?
  215. The Best Patti and Meat Duet Song
  216. The Impossible: Surfs Up (Rory version or the Meat version?)
  217. The most insane thing you'll ever watch .... in your life
  218. It's all coming back to me now - Meat Loaf or Celine Dion?
  219. What duet would you have Bonnie sing?
  220. All Revved Up (My DANCE remix)
  221. I did something pretty awesome to For Crying Out Loud
  222. Best version of 'The Future'
  223. Stump the Band
  224. Is Nothing Sacred?
  225. Songs in Dreams
  226. Live album for fans
  227. "and we were worn at the Mall"
  228. A special treat for you all: Surfs Up
  229. Rare Meat Loaf and Stoney in HQ
  230. The Best Song on MSO?
  231. The Best Song on 3 Bats Live?
  232. A Hard (if Not the HARDEST) poll to Date: Objects LATW or Studio?
  233. The best of the 21st century
  234. Objects In The Rear View Mirror (Full music video Version)
  235. Which Meatified BFG song came out the best?
  236. What Razor's Edge Could have been
  237. What, in your opinion, is the best Meat song to make out to?
  238. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #1: If God Could Talk
  239. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #2: Priscilla
  240. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #3: A Man and A Woman
  241. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #4: You're Right I was Wrong
  242. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #5: Clap Your Hands
  243. SIX DAYS OF HANDBASKET #6: Stoney & Meatloaf
  244. Best Opening Song?
  245. My Top 50 ML Song Video Countdown (over 50 Minutes of Meat goodness)
  246. Give me the Simple Life
  247. Abby's interpretation of songs.
  248. Your Current Thoughts on Three Bats Live
  249. Your Current Thoughts on MSO
  250. Tracklist prediction for the Christmas album.