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Default Only When I Feel - Live complete video 2005 + more

Just a bit more of Meat Loaf can't be bad, right?

Credit to my German friend D. for providing 90% of the clips

Here is a complete 9 minute version from Only When I Feel as played in Bonn, Germany on June 6, 2005.

YouTube Video

Oh well, the opener of that tour (again Bonn) 'Whore'

YouTube Video

And if you enjoyed those, here is the complete 100 min. set. Again, take it for what it is. Tons of short clips, combined to make it one complete concert. Not my best work, but had to work with the clips that I got. And at least it might give you an idea (or memory) of what the Hair of the Dog tour 2005 looked and sounded like. And again, it is Meat Loaf live. So it's good even if my editing is bad

YouTube Video
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