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Default Meat Loafs Dad

Sorry if this has been asked before, and I know that if it's true it's maybe not a subject Meat likes talking about, but at the bar where I work, the DJ put Meat on for me. Obviously I went mad and started dancing and singing, lol. But after he said I bet you don't know who his Dad is, naturally I said Wesley Aday, but apparentely to the Dj his Dad is a guy called Dan Bloacker. have any of you heard of him before. It's just really blagging my head, plus he told me a not so nice story behind it aswell, so I want to no if it's true. Thanx.xx
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what was the story behind his dad
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In Meat's autobiography he talks all about his dad who was Wesley Aday.

Rumours like this are more likely to cause harm than anything else.

Topic locked.
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Default Meat Loaf's dad/Dan Blocker question

Dan Blocker was the guy who played Hoss on Bonanza.
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You dig.
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Topics merged into the locked one, as this probably answers the question.
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