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Old 23 Jul 2002, 20:44   #1
White of High
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Default 1. Bat Out Of Hell

This is the START OUT OF HELL & ARRIVE TO HEAVEN topic. I'm gonna start with Bat Out Of Hell. Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!!

Bat Out Of Hell (10)

I think this is one of the best Meat Loaf song. This is reality heavy metal. I couldn't draw line between original metal and musical, but I think this is the METAL. I think the story's playing in the Other World in mind of Jim. The free is the most important in the life when you can ride a Harley Davidson. The picture of the end is fantastic. I'm imaging the next act: The boy lies in the bottom of the canyon in blood. The angels are flying above his head. He's closing his eyes so slowly and the last picture is a bat's breaking out of his body and flying away to the light with the angels.
I don't understand why bat, why not a bird? Maybe it's more mystery.
Just a comment: Jim's should written more emotion and mysterious in the music in the end of the song...

My score: 10

Average: 10.00 (290/29) [07/08/05]

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Old 23 Jul 2002, 20:58   #2
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Bat Out of Hell is a metaphor for speed and is a relatively common expression in English.

"Then I'm dying at the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun
Torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike
And I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell
And the last thing I see is my heart
Still beating, still beating
Breaking out of my body and flying away"

The crash is also a metaphor for hell (flames, chaos, injury and death) so there is this comparison between the heart (soul) leaving the body for it's onward journey to 'a better place'.

Bearing in mind Jim's passion for Peter Pan, this can be seen as the profane shuffling off the garbage and travelling to a pure new place where nothing ages.
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Old 24 Jul 2002, 22:19   #3
The Flying Mouse
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I like to think of BAT OUT OF HELL as the ultimate requium.It's a song about life after death.this guy's speeding down the highway he,crashes,paints the ground with his blood and has his heart smash through his ribcage to lie beating on the ground.But that's ok because we hear the angels at the end singing him to paradise.The greatest triumph.
Jim however says (on the classic albums video) that he wrote BAT OUT OF HELL because he wanted to write the ultimate crash song in the tradition of tell Lara I love her,Leader of the pack ect.
Either way (in my opinion),BAT is the best song EVER.It's the song that got me into Meat Loaf (after hearing about 10 seconds on a t.v. advert) and iv'e been hooked ever since.
Score out of ten:Need you ask?
P.S. Two more points.
1. My favourite version is the Meat Loaf live at Wemberley (1987)

2. I can't stand it when only the first half is put on a c.d. or played on the radio.It finishes before the crash,and so defeats the whole purpose of the song.

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Old 11 Jan 2003, 13:42   #4
Mega Loafer
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I think this is the best song Jim has ever written. And with Meat's voice I think it's the best song ever made.
The solo is the best, and than you have the crash, with a typical Steinman thing. From poerwfull music to quiet music.

My Score: 9,5
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Old 21 Feb 2003, 09:04   #5
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i always liked paradise a lot. so borrowed the album from my older sister just to record paradise. i thought that paradise would be the only good song on it. to convince myself about that i just put the first song on and from the very first tunes i was hypnotized. the first 2 minutes are the best minutes i will ever hear on a song. i still can put it on over and over again.
the lyrics of this song were used in a school book i remember. it was alla bout society failures.anyway. what else can i say about this song.
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Old 06 May 2003, 01:53   #6
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This is it , This is the one that made me a FAN.
10 years ago when i saw the videoclip after the first 30 seconds i was hooked.
those first sentence "The Sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight" are superb

this will be 10+/10
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Old 11 May 2003, 20:36   #7
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The BEST....

What else is there to say??


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Old 09 Jul 2003, 14:08   #8
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there is nothing to say about this!!

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Old 09 Jul 2003, 19:09   #9
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With the exception of "For Crying Out Loud" this is IT. This is Meat/Jimmy's best song. The song deals with being obessed by an obsession and it hands down the most extreme car crash song ever, sorry Ray Peterson (Tell Laura I Love Her.) In fact, there isn't anything more to say, just put this one on and BLAST it!

1000/10 which equals 10/10
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Old 09 Jul 2003, 20:06   #10
Super T
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What can I say - for me this is the one that can never be topped


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Old 09 Jul 2003, 23:28   #11
Sweet But Sadistic
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Hooked from the first line
It's still a classic and the ultimate car crash song
Nothing more to be said...
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Old 10 Jul 2003, 10:42   #12
queen post- whore extraordinaire
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Ask any new fan which song they heard first which "tuned" them into Meat and I would think all of them would say Bat out of Hell - humongous 10/10
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Old 10 Jul 2003, 18:51   #13
Rob The Badger
Too sexy for this post
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This is it as far as Steimnan goes. He hasn't bettered this song. 'Nuff sed.
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Old 10 Jul 2003, 18:55   #14
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10/10 def no other can compare
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Old 22 Jul 2003, 23:44   #15
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Old 14 Aug 2003, 05:48   #16
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Default Like A Bat Out Of Hell!(I'll Be Gone When The Morning Comes)

This is the first song, I have ever heard by Meat Loaf! I only used to play this at night, even when I was six. When my father played this album, just that one time, and he played Bat Out Of Hell, it was dark outside!!! I love playing this in the dark! Close my eyes, and picture the imagery. This is my favourite song, there is no exception.

"Bat Out Of Hell" is about as going fast as you possibly can. Every bike has a limit. And in this song is about meeting your limit, and the consequence when you hit your "as fast as you can go". I think the character is racing to his girl, and going as fast as he can to get to her, and of course in the end, a terrible crash, but yet, his heart still soars in the air, and its going........soaring pretty fast in the direction of a better place. Now that's the limit, you can't go past that. GO STEINMAN!!! Best reaching your limits song that there will ever be!!!!!!!!! I mention, ever was as well?

When I was 9, I used play this song at night. I would wait, but I would only play this and paradise. But grown up a bit later on, and now they are all, 9.5's and above!!!
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Old 17 Sep 2003, 02:29   #17
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Rock & roll perfection. 26 years later each listen is like the first time for me. This song just plain blows me away.
10/10 +
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Old 13 Nov 2003, 01:31   #18
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This is Austin's review of Bat out Of Hell. (My 8 year old brother)


I like the music, and I like Meat Loaf.
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Old 16 Nov 2003, 17:43   #19
Cpl Mickey
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This song just rocks even after all these years and Meat just gets better and better each time i hear this live. It is my all time favourite Meat song so if i could i would give it 100/10
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Old 16 Nov 2003, 18:15   #20
Mega Loafer
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This is an absolutely stunning song, with both Meat and Jim on outstanding top form. I only like two other songs as much as this - IGLHFBOU, and FCOL (sorry, lazy!)

10 out of 10. What else could it be?
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Old 20 Nov 2003, 23:10   #21
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Obviously this song deserves a full ten out of ten. The first song I heard of Meatloafs and I spent a long time with my friend talking about the words in the song and it's meanings. Firm favourite of mine and always will be.

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Old 23 Nov 2003, 00:07   #22
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THE rock classic, nothing can be said about this song that either
a-hasn't already been said or
b-would do it justice
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Old 27 Nov 2003, 08:28   #23
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Bat Out Of Hell is brilliant song. Itīs the best song ever. And it will always to be as the best song in world history. 11/10
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Old 30 Dec 2003, 00:00   #24
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It's a very intense song. Sometimes I just can't stand it... too much for me... and have to skip it! weird, ain't it?

I'm a bit confused with some reviews here talking about "car or bike crash"... I do not see any of those in this song!
For me it's more than that... I mean... of course it's written but I just can't picture it!
But it's my opinion... and maybe I'm talking nonsense...

10/10 album version
11/10 live!

ps: I still can feel the aura at Wembley last 18 december when Meat was performing... he took my breath way... and I guess... not only mine!
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Old 31 Dec 2003, 08:54   #25
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I think it's sacrilege to rate this song. Get rid of this section, White of High. Anywayz, 10/10.
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