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The Flying Mouse
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Default Please read

Welcome to Other Rock 'n' Roll Heroes, our new forum for general music chat.

Although we ask that members post their opinions in the same respectful manner as the other forums on the board, please note that the staff of this site are Meat Loaf moderators and are not defenders of your own musical preferences.

Everybody here is going to have different tastes in music, and if you wish to post about your musical passions on this forum please be advised that you do so at your own risk of public disagreement.

We are not willing to interceed due to complaints that somebody said an artist is crap, or because somebody refers to an artist with a name that that person (or band) may or may not find offensive.

Anything goes (apart from personal insults directed at other members).
If you can't handle that, we respectfully suggest that you keep your love of that artist confined to a forum dedicated to that artist.

There are three exceptions.

1. Roy Orbison.
Say one bad word about him and i'll ban your ass

2. Goombay Dance Band.

3. Michael Crawford is a git.

Have fun

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