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Default Leslie Aday

Hi folks,

Bebe Buell, Liv Tyler's mother, and at one stage a partner of Todd Rundgren posted this on her Facebook profile yesterday,

RIP Leslie … this is heartbreaking news. We all had a connection to her, Leslie Aday, on some level if you were in the Woodstock area during the 1970’s. She helped me so much with Liv as she was a young Mother too- to Pearl Aday … I had just brought Liv back to the Lake Hill house with Todd and he had to go away again. So we were alone at the house trying our best to learn the skills. In those days they didn’t send you home with a baby guide. Car seats weren’t even required.

I took my two week old infant to the fabulous Woodstock pool and Leslie was there with me as Liv took a water baby course. An infant swimming class! It was a miracle the way Liv just took to it. Going underwater and ascending all by herself. I was so scared but also in awe of the brilliance of humans.

She cooked beautiful meals… she had a way about her. Soothing and knowledgeable.

I’m posting this article because not everyone knew how interesting and connected she truly was.

Thank you for being so kind to me that summer of 1977 and I’m so glad I got to witness the fire between you and Meat… it was electric! Just like you… 🙏♥️🕊️🛸

Very sad news, RIP
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Sad news about Leslie.

Been sitting on it for a week.

Feel so sorry for Amanda and Pearl -- now without either parent.

Nothing but the best to them.
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May her memory be a blessing. She endured much, and deserved much more.
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