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14 Jun 2009 19:39 RadioMaster
hello irrelevant, would you like to be friends ill also tell you my password from rj90210
14 Jun 2009 19:30 daveake
p.s. RJ's password is iliuvcowboys
14 Jun 2009 19:27 daveake
Hello evil010101 my first name is irrelevant from dave 01010101
14 Jun 2009 17:22 Evil One
hello radiomaster tell me your address and i will come round and give you my username and password and i'll be your bestest friend in the world ever because i'm your number one fan from evil one01
14 Jun 2009 16:32 RadioMaster
hello evil one what is your username again i forgot sorry if i upset you by that rj02
14 Jun 2009 14:30 Evil One
hello dave do you want to be my friend and what is your real name i have forgotten from evil one0101
14 Jun 2009 13:49 sexyeyes_jo
do you really want me answer that
14 Jun 2009 13:47 The Flying Mouse
Drunk? Me? Have you ever known me to drink anything stronger than tea? I'm an angel I am. <--- saintly look
14 Jun 2009 12:38 sexyeyes_jo
neil you weren't drunk again last night was you?
14 Jun 2009 10:47 duke knooby
bored with this
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