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  1. BAOH II Picture Show on Laserdisc
  2. Meat Loaf Poka table
  3. John Miceli Auction March
  4. Your dearest Meat Loaf item?
  5. Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell Tour Truck Limited Edition
  6. A framed Bat Out Of Hell II canvas painting...
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  8. my plans for a replica meat loaf jacket
  9. meat loaf gold disc
  10. meat loaf jacket update
  11. Here we Go Folks...
  12. A Reminder
  13. For all age-challenged Meat Fans
  14. my meat loaf jacket has been completed
  15. Autographs, fake or real.
  16. Would You Want Neverland Express Action Figures?
  17. Team Meat Loaf Thong / baseball caps/ sweatshirts
  18. Patti Russo Custom Action Figures by Texacide Customs
  19. Hand-made Meat Loaf doll
  20. Meat Loaf Painting
  21. Seize The Bats From Hell
  22. Back Into Hell Band Score
  23. Discover Meat Loaf
  24. Royal Mail Issue Rocky Horror Show commemorative stamp
  25. My Custom Meat Artwork
  26. whitby jet
  27. Bat Out Of Hell - new vinyl release
  28. Meat Loaf 7" Vinyl Picture Disc - Dead Ringer for Love
  29. Looking for Bad Attitude US version.
  31. Vinyl Records
  32. Popcorn Blizzard on CD
  33. Couldnt Have Said It Better LP??
  34. Tour books
  35. Live Around the World
  36. Bat Out of Hell: Off the record
  37. I'd Do Anything For Meat...
  38. Meat Loaf purchase of the week.
  39. Autograph Discussion
  40. Somebody clearly overestimates Meat's fame
  41. WTF?
  42. Funny Car Shirt
  43. Bat Out Of Hell 96khz/24bit FLAC
  44. Bat 3 vinyl.
  45. 1977 Paradise Lyric Sheet plus other thing
  46. Working links! 1977 Paradise Lyric Sheet plus other thing
  47. Meat Loaf vinyl collection
  48. CHSIB vinyl question
  49. CHSIB Coloured Vinyl New Release
  50. welcome to my tiny fan page
  51. Getting rid of everything...