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Default Meat Loaf News

Updated on 06 Aug 2000

Over the past few days there has been a rather heated debate on the Loafdom Mailing List. Meat asked me to make the following post for him in response to issues raised there!

I have read some of the postings, but not all. Someone e-mailed me about this site, so I checked it out. First, to any of Jim's fans which I am one, and maybe the Biggest, I never meant to insult Jim in any way. I have nothing but respect and love for him. If any of you, or for that matter Jim have felt insulted, I apologize to you. All the comments that I read were about me calling Him crazy, Jim is not crazy, he is One of the most Intelligent, Creative, funny, maybe the only true Genius I've ever met and the most underrated song writer in the last 40 years. I was truly blessed when I met him and I believe we created something truly remarkable. Anything that I said was never meant to be anything other than funny, He has made similar comments about me over the years, like drinking my on urine which if you don't know Jim's humor, you COULD get upset. The press has a way of taking things out of context and also how you read something is very subjective.

The one thing that I do take exception too is the remarks about my Reputation. I'm sorry, but I do not have a bad reputation in the Music business or in the Film Industry. That statement is nothing but a lie.

Oh sure I'm sure you can find someone to say "He's an asshole" but that person doesn't know me. I'm sure I could find someone to call you an asshole, when you are far from being one, and just because they say it. Does it make it so? Find anyone in the crew or cast of the 11 films I have just worked on to say a bad word about me and I will give you anything you want. In the past if harsh words were ever spoken to anyone it was about the work. Before you make a statement like that you should know me. Do not assume. MY WHOLE CAREER I HAVE TRIED TO BE GENEROUS AND KIND TO EVERYONE THAT WORKED FOR ME, THAT I HAVE WORKED WITH OR FOR, AND TO THE FANS THAT HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT SO MANY YEARS. IF I HAVE FAILED, THEN I AM TRULY SORRY BECAUSE IT WAS NOT MY INTENTION. IF I HAVE MADE MISTAKES, I HOPE THAT I HAVE THE VISION TO SEE THEM AND THE STRENGHT TO CORRECT THOSE MISTAKES SO THAT THEY WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I am glad that you have enjoyed the music, so have I.
With much love and gratitude,
God Bless
Meat Loaf

Ps. Don't know if I will ever record again or if I want too, (THERE ARE ALOT PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO LIKE FOR ME TO. IN FACT I WOULD SAY MORE THAT WOULD, THAN THAT WOULDN'T. IN FACT I WOULD BET THERE ARE SEVERAL DOZEN WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE JIM AND MEAT DO BAT 3. UNLIKE SOME OF YOU WHO, seem to, WANT ME TO DROP DEAD.) I have appeared in 5 films, which have not been released yet, start another on Tuesday, and Go to England in Sept. To work in the next Sam Jackson film. When that one ends have 2 more lined up. BY the way your wrong I CAN still sing Maybe just older. At least I can sing better than you. AND I HAVE NINE BOARD TAPES OF "FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD" LIVE FROM THE STORYTELLERS TOUR THAT YOU SHOULD HEAR. Do not expect this e-mail to change anyone's opinion of me. Just thought you should hear my side of the story.

Meat has since asked me to assure you that he WILL be recording again!

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