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Arrow Jim Steinman

I am glad I managed to finally log in here it's been years since I was last here or at least I think it has lol
Firstly may I just say how sad I am to learn of Jim's passing. I am devastated my thoughts and Prayers are with Meat Loaf and anyone who knew him. And his family/friends so I am just like in shock can't believe it he was one of the world's most underrated songwriters and he was on a parr with Shakespeare I think Jim Steinman should have a Tribute somehow

Thanks for this great group where we can all talk about Jim and Meat and all the members of the and he has they have both worked with over the years.
Ty Jim and Meat for the music!
Ty everyone.
Will there be a Tribute to Jim in a form of a show? that would be perfect way to Tribute the legend that is Jim Steinman
Glad to be back here.
Let's share meat and Jim's music forever
-Gracie (Shack)
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