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Default Show Todd your support @ The Bristol Academy

Hello It's Us! We are The Golden Goose. A collective of like minded fans who work independantly, in a completely unofficial capacity, to promote Todd Rundgren and his associates. We are not employed by anyone to do this, we just try to fill in gaps when we see them.

Here's a from quote from Todd that has just appeared as part of an 8 page A to Z of Todd Rundgren in the August 2004 issue of Classic Rock...

"Being on tour is a significant part of how I survive these days. But I haven't travelled to Europe for a while as it became prohibitive. The audience there has evolved well away from when my music was popular. Not too many people are familiar with me any more, though Britain's probably the most potentially fertile area of Europe towards what I do. I'm looking forward to being there, so in that sense the drought is over, but I don't know whether or not it'll signal a new bout of extended touring. If the potential's still there, who knows?"

Tickets for Bristol Academy:

Telephone: 0870 771 2000

Encouraging words to say the least. The response to this tour could establish a foundation that puts the UK back on TR's regular touring schedule. Which brings us to why we are contacting you now. It seems that, for reasons beyond the ticket promoters control, the opening night of the tour at The Bristol Academy has not sold very well. Todd's first show in the UK in ten years could be to a half empty hall. Hardly the message we, the fans want to send out in light of a renewed interest in regular visits here. Lets make a difference. If you were contemplating an additional show on the tour make it Bristol. If you have friends and family that you've always tried to convince Todd-wise - convince them at Bristol. If, in any way you can get to the opening night of the tour at The Bristol Academy on Monday 12th July 2004 - Be there! Or do you like only having the opportunity of seeing Todd in concert in the UK once every ten years? Who knows if we'll ever see him here again? Act now - Act fast. Thankyou for your time.

"Wishing won't make it so,

Hoping won't do it,

Praying won't do it,

Religion won't do it,

Philosophy won't do it,

The supreme court won't do it,

The president and the congress won't do it,

The UN won't do it,

The H Bomb won't do it,

The sun and the moon won't do it

God won't do it,

And I certainly won't do it,

That leaves you.

You'll have to do it."

Tickets for Bristol Academy:

Telephone: 0870 771 2000
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