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Exclamation Alternate History Project (With Special Guests Meat and Jim)-Look, See, Join In?

So here’s basically what I have here: an alternate history timeline.

-Kurt Cobain doesn’t commit suicide in 1994, he also never even becomes addicted to heroin. As a result, Nirvana is still a recording and touring concern as of today, complete with giving Dave Grohl more of the frontman, co-vocalist and co-guitarist role he has in the Foo Fighters in our reality. Kurt also ends up eventually divorcing Courtney Love and remarries to Charlize Theron; besides their own careers, they form an entertainment conglomerate, Springbok Productions, responsible for projects in film, television, streaming, musical theater, video games, music, books and amusement park attractions. This includes constant team-ups with Disney. Springbok is basically an efficiently run, well-managed version of what The Beatles tried and failed to do with Apple.

-Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and Chris Cornell are also both still alive in this timeline, though as a tradeoff, Eddie Vedder dies from an OD in 1998, because without Kurt becoming a martyr, Vedder doesn’t have the mental fortitude to handle his fame. Much of Cornell's solo work becomes Soundgarden material, particularly Euphoria Morning, and Audioslave's albums and songs all become Soundgarden material, here being known as three albums in a trilogy called "The Morello Sessions", a piss-take on Springsteen's "Seeger Sessions" and having Tom Morello still be part of the whole process as a guest collaborator. William DuVall also still ends up becoming a member of AIC, sharing the frontman role with Layne and Jerry Cantrell, making the band a five-piece as well moving into three-part harmonies on the songs. The albums Black Gives Way to Blue, The Devil Put Dinosaurs here and Rainier Fog also still exist in this timeline, but with Layne's involvement.

-Van Halen’s attempted reunion with David Lee Roth in 1996 is fully consummated, though the classic VH era lineup still does not last forever, and Eddie’s son Wolfgang still ends up taking the bassist spot. The band and Eddie releases much more music, though Eddie still dies from cancer in 2020.

-Tom Petty dies from his secret heroin addiction in 1999 and Ritchie Blackmore from a car crash in 2000; Britney Spears commits suicide during the height of press frenzy about her breakdown in 2007, while Michael Jackson is still alive. INXS frontman Michael Hutchence never hangs himself. Sublime's Bradley Nowell is still alive with the band being a viable and going concern, while Green Day fizzles out after Warning,with Billie Joe Armstrong's alcoholism becoming a problem much earlier than in our reality. In their place, Nirvana ends up assuming the role Green Day has, complete with making its own analogs to American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Bands like Nickelback and Limp Bizkit are still on the scene and still have their spotlight, but in the former's case, fall out of favor earlier, especially with Layne having beaten his demons and Jerry likewise also reaching sobriety sooner, Jerry's initial love of Chad Kroger and company fades when Layne and Kurt point out the generic approach, repetitive nature, and ugly misogyny within the lyrics. Nickelback's ride ends with Dark Horse.

-Linda McCartney has a double mastectomy in 1994, basically making her an early proponent of the strategy used by Angelina Jolie, even though in 1994 there certainly wasn't advanced technology to find the genetic marker and Linda would simply be acting on a hunch and doing a preventative measure. As such, she is still alive and she and Paul are still married, she continues to record and tour with Paul. George Harrison is also not stabbed at the end of 1999, meaning that his cancer doesn't reoccur and he also is still alive and making music. Kurt, being the ardent Beatlemaniac that he is, actually gets to watch things from The Beatles Anthology onwards, such as the release of the "reunion" singles "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love" and so on, and also gets to meet and know the surviving Beatles and their families, as well as Yoko Ono and Sean and Julian Lennon.

-Instead of a segregation of music genres, particularly regarding rock, mainly in terms of playing off grunge/alternative/Adult alternative against metal/hair metal and so on, and Internet flame wars of where you support one or the other, both remain viable genres at the same time, which helps rock remain relevant in the mainstream.

-The music industry as a whole is in a much stronger place, because it accepts and adopts the Internet Revolution from the start in the ’90s; so here each record label and artist website have stores to buy MP3 files from, rather than one centralized store like iTunes. This obviously also includes The Beatles and their solo works, though the creation of the iPod alone is enough to spur the third and final round of Apple v. Apple litigation and the resulting settlement. Radio station and ticket seller/promoter conglomeration doesn’t take as much hold as in our reality. MTV still expands its programming, but mainly remains focused on music as its primary driving element.

-Artists open their archives more and many famous and oft-bootlegged items are released to the public earlier or for at all in this timeline, and this affects groups like The Beatles and Guns.

-Michael Eisner's Disney tenure lasts until 2008, and ends on a happier note, because of Bob Iger being his right-hand man since 1996. Early purchases of Pixar and Lucasfilm help establish and build up the company.

-Early exposure of Harvey Weinstein leads to an earlier and much more nuanced Me Too.

-Lots of political ripples also occur that I can’t get into, other than the hyperpartisan atmosphere is cooled down and because of things, COVID-19 burns itself out essentially by June 2020; and except for Italy and Brazil, no countries have to undergo true lockdowns and closures. Movie theaters only close for three months, though concerts and stage productions still don’t come back until 2021.

How Meat and Jim are affected:

-Meat signs on to Springbok's record label, Exploitation Records; he also has his Wolff-Parkinson-White and vocal cysts discovered and treated in 2000

-Springbok helps DOTV become successful in its English version, with Meat as Krolock and the show being much more like Tanz; cast recording and concept albums released by Exploitation Records

-Meat and Jim create Bat 3 together concurrently while doing the show with the album out in 2004 and being Jim's last major project of personal involvement prior to his heart problems; features the Jim songs from our reality's Bat 3 and various others, including BTWA material

-Desmond Child material on our reality's Bat 3 is combined with the best material from CHSIB into one album, and a bonus EP

-Springbok does a film version of Whistle, though it is not particularly successful, either

-HCTB and HIAH are exactly the same

-Springbok does Bat the Musical

-Meat's final album is called Devil's Playground, takes the place of BTWA

To see the actual timeline itself, go here:

A repository of articles in a story on FictionPress is here:

An overview of Springbok Productions and its assorted projects on my FictionPress profile:

There is also a Wiki/Fandom being built:

An alternate history a friend and I helped build, focused on DOTV, without Springbok, the majority of which still applies regarding TTL's version of DOTV:

If you like what you’ve heard and seen, my collaborators on the timeline and I are looking for additional team members to help us build an extended version, and build up the FictionPress repository and the Wiki. If you are interested, please let me know. We would love to have you, especially anything you have to add that is Meat and Jim-related.

Besides that, we're looking for people that are really knowledgeable about:

-The music industry in general

-Hollywood, movies, TV and Broadway

-Politics and social change

-Tech, business and economics

-Knowledge generally about companies like Disney, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Paramount/ViacomCBS

-People who can write or make Wiki code.
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