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Default Working links! 1977 Paradise Lyric Sheet plus other thing


Picked up a box of stuff that has been in my parents attic for many years and rediscovered some old Meat Loaf stuff.

Still a fan.. just not quite as hard core as I used to be.

There is one item that a girlfriend back in 2002 got me that I completely forgot about. Its a A4(ish) sided print with a picture on the front and the lyrics to Paradise on the back. She got it from a collector who told her they were given out at curtain concerts in 77-78. I took it along when Meat did a signing for CHSIB at the Virgin Megastore in London and he commented on it saying "wow, that's old!"

Anyway.. I cant find any info on it anywhere on the web. If you lovely people know any more about it, would love to find out. Pics below, along with some over stuff. I know most if it is standard. but there are one or two bits in there I think are rarer then the others.

If anyone is interested in anything, give me a shout. This has all been locked away for years and I'd rather it went to a good home instead of back in the attic.

Pics in this link
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PM me
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