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Default First Exposure to Meat Loaf

What was your first memory of listening to Meat Loaf?

For me, it was my dad, teaching me about the Birds and the Bees with Paradise as an example lol
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I think a friend of mine lent my Bat 2. My parents were listening mostly to classical music. It was the first time I heard rock music that dared to use different tempi.
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Old 15 Jul 2022, 10:59   #3
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School discos in The Netherlands around 1991. Paradise by The Dashboard Light had been re-released as a single a few years before and was thus played often, I remember one school disco at a friend's house in particular. The song just seemed magical played at ridiculous volume. That song playing and dancing with a girl and getting a kiss were the highlights!

Dug out my parents copy of Bat at some point around then and was passionately hooked ever since.

As pointed out above the usage of different tempi in several songs is what really made a big difference I think also. Paradise / Bat / AFL in particular seemed like grandiose musical journeys that no one else was doing. As if you were suddenly listening to the real rock pros and everything else was just Mickey Mouse music.

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As a youngster,asking my parents,what's that music video I keep seeing on tv with that man walking on top of a lorry trailer?!... It was Bad Attitude 🤟
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Old 19 Jul 2022, 05:25   #5
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1993 - Twix Chart on a Sunday. Anything for Love - 7 weeks in a row!
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Old 19 Jul 2022, 11:28   #6
Lee B
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I heard Objects, right at the time Bat 2 was released. I was blown away. Went out and bought the album, followed by every other album Meat had made. Listening to Objects on that day in 1993 was the beginning of my love for Meat
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Old 19 Jul 2022, 15:22   #7
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I was a 13-year-old boy, in 1993, and a reader/acolyte in a church mess. Shortly before I had a mass, my cousin gave me a CD from a singer named Meat Loaf. On the cover was Rock 'N' Roll Hero and it was depicted a fat man, a woman and a motorcycle.

Then I put it in and heard "Modern Girl" for the first time - at full volume and so that the whole neighborhood could listen. I stood there with my mouth open, was completely trapped and completely forgot the time, so that I had forgotten the mess and the priest had no one to do the readings.

This was my very first encounter with Meat Loaf. Shortly afterwards, I attended the famous concert in Dortmund, Germany, all by myself. First I had a seat in the back all alone (my parents had driven me there and then went out to eat in the village), after 10 minutes I was so full of adrenaline that I jumped over the railing into the interior, stood in the front rows between all the big, thick rockers.
I was not afraid und it was just wonderful!

Keep rocking' Meat, wherever you are!
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Old 21 Jul 2022, 21:09   #8
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For me it was my sister she had a copy of "Anything for Love" on Cassette tape when it was released as a single back in 1993. And was blasting it in her room thats the only ML song she likes, I must have been about 8 at the time and had never heard of Meat Loaf i was totally blown away and ever since then Meat's has and always will be my favourite singer, and musical idol / icon.

Miss you so much Meat xx
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Old 21 Jul 2022, 21:48   #9
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Sitting on the No 11 bus to Birmingham town centre on way to my modelling job with a cassette my mate lobbed at me. "Listen to this" he said.....
Bad Attitude.
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Mine was at my friend, Gary's, house when I was about 11/12 and his Dad had Bat 1 on and it just had me! The story, the drama, the theatrics!! Just so different to everything else I had heard. So next day I went to my local library and the only CD they had at the time was Welcome to the Neighbourhood. I'm so glad they did!! Such a brilliant album!

Then over my time of babysitting other people's kids I would discover new Meat Loaf cd's in the parents collections.
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