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Default Meat Loaf News

Updated on 29th February 2000

VCR Alerts (UK)

March is going to be Meat filled on Sky!

Storytellers is being shown on VH-1 1.00a.m. evening of March 5th (morning of March 6th!)

Behind the Music is also being shown on VH-1 on March 9th at 10.00 p.m.
Black Dog is now showing on Sky Movie Max up to March 11th
The Mighty is showing on Sky Box Office from 15th March through to March 28th
Leap of Faith is being shown on Sky Cinema 2 (Channel 315) 19th March and again 22nd March, 28th and 31st March
Wayne's World has 2 showings on 17th March Sky Premier!

Get those VCRs ready!

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