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Default R.I.P. Chuck Berry

The Blood of the guitar was chuck berry red.....

R.I.P. one of the pioneers of rock n roll
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Sue K
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Default Thanks for the music, Mr. B ... xoxo

I love the quote of what John Lennon said ... "If you had to give Rock 'n' Roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry"

and I particularly love that son Julian posted that on his FB page with... "And as Dad once said" ... brought tears to my eyes ...

RIP... both of you ... xoxo

Sue K ... xoxo
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I hope your salmon sucks!
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"Chuck, Chuck! It's Marvin! Your cousin, Marvin Berry! You know that new sound you were looking for? Well listen to THIS!"

Rest in peace. One of the pioneers who shaped rock over the last 60 odd years...
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