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Default More rare Meat stuff: Tom Rivers Festival 2006 footage

It's only 25 minutes but not seen on the internet until now.
Meat's concert on July 28, 2006 at the Tom Rivers Festival.
Patti's last show untill she would return in 2008.

Although relatively short, this gives a great impression of the fun night everyone had.

(I know there is a full audio of this show. I don't have it *hint *hint)
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Really cool to see this in hindsight. I remember being on the forum a lot around that time and the anticipation for any live shows with Bat 3 being released soon was huge. All we got were some photos and very short reports of that Tom Rivers show.

I think Patti looked amazing here , but then she left the band just a month later when I believe she found out she had been dropped from 2 of the songs on Bat 3 and then they got Aspen Miller for Patti's place in the shows.

Crazy to think this all happened almost exactly 13 years ago.
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Really good sound quality and Meat in good voice. I will always miss Patti, yes you could put someone good in her spot, but you couldn't replace her. All her years with Meat had given her the best understanding almost intuitively to know when she really needed to step in if Meat was having a rough night. She really did a lot of the heavy-lifting at times. She knew when to step it up, or stay in back. I never got the whole she's gone, then it was a terrible mistake she's back to stay. and oops now she's gone again.
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