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Frying Bat
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Default Where are the Moderators?

I'm not a member for a long term here but i noticed the lack of a lot moderators activity on the last 3 or 4 years. ( if i looked the statistics correctly). As we all can see, we pretty much follow the forums rules and get along very fine with each other, so moderating is basiscly not needed but usually on Forums it's the moderators that keep us informed of the latest news and updates and coming with ideas to keep up the activity going.

Am i the only person feeling like this or are more people noticing what i do?
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Old 06 Dec 2021, 20:38   #2
You dig.
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Well, life moves on and other things seem to be more important now. However, most of us are still around - but not so often anymore.
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Old 07 Dec 2021, 01:12   #3
Mega Loafer
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Oneof my favourite forums..had many laughs! And the only forum I continue to stop in with any regularity!
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