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Default Welcome to the Neighbourhood vinyl

Hi all
Haven't posted on here since 2004! Feels like I'm intruding...
I'm still a huge Meat Loaf fan but the time has come to do a little downsizing and shed some of my collection. I've got a collection of vinyl and picture discs that I'm looking to sell. I'm using ebay as a guide for pricing but it's thrown up a strange one in that apparently I could get quite a significant amount for my copy of WTTN, UK 2-LP. It's still shrink-wrapped, in great condition.
I wonder if anyone can enlighten me on this please?
Also I've got a Bat II picture disc, as new.
Cheers for any help!
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Discogs indicates 150-200. Maybe a bit more since it's shrink wrapped I guess.
Maybe someone will pick up from you here or in the shop on this site.
The Bat 2 picture discs seems to go for around 100.

I would sell via Discogs so you avoid the 10% eBay charge and are also dealing with more professional collectors.
I had bad experiences via eBay myself. Received broken lps from people who didn't know how to package records etc.
(Though I did get that Bat 2 picture disc for 20 from a very nice local woman via eBay. ) Still a stupid hot pressing that Bat 2 record in my opinion regardless of the nice look. They've re-issued so many records in quality pressings that sold far less than Bat 2. Definitely deserves a double or even a quadruple 45 rpm pressing.

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