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Default New Storytellers tour?

Meat has just posted on Facebook that he’ll never do tours like the old days again but as soon as his back is better he’ll do a Storytellers tour. Interesting!
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That'd be great. I've long thought that Meat could just do a kind of 'evening with' show that was as much as talking as anything else. He's a great, and entertaining, storyteller. I'd pay to sit and hear him talk for 90 minutes, never mind the singing! And something like this could take a bit of pressure off him (though I can't imagine him holding back and not going all-out anyway). One thing's for sure - we haven't seen the last of the old fellow.
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He wrote this. (And he also wrote in another reply that he will have a MRI tomorrow).

“ You are the 1st person I have talked too who was at that show , I don't even talk to the band about that show . I was in so much pain that night , I really don't know how I even stood on that stage . I am truly sorry to you and everyone at that show which has just disappeared from my memory , The only thing I remember is the 3 band members telling me we had to cut 2 of the Encores. I can remember shows from 1977 , The pain that night was excruciating I had 3 doctors back stage telling me before the show I would pass out , like in Edmonton , It wasn't from dehydration like the papers said , it was pain. I did about 10 shows in really bad pain .I send apologies to all the people at those shows , It was a rock and a hard place on what to do . I went ahead and did the shows , I couldn't take pain killers , I have dry throat and they would have made it 10 Times worse on my throat . Most of the tapes are pretty good , I just couldn't move very well . Touring days like that are over but we are still going to Tour , doing a Storytellers Tour. As soon as my back stops hurting and I can get back to working out again . I have lost 77 pounds .The Audiences love that show , They are able to ask me questions. Now after Moose Jaw , I still had promo to do for the Album and the Musical . That tour ended in July , I kept working doing Promo. That is not an easy job. . Oh I got through it , I could take pan killers, Then I had Spinal Fusion on my 69th birthday Sept 27th in LA , it went well , I was feeling better , then a screw came loose so I did a whole series GHOST WARS in pain lost a lot in scenes because Insurance for the Production Co would not cover them with me in certain scenes . So then another surgery Sept 6th . 2017 .. Not looking for sympathy here , really giving out for apologies for failures in the last 10 shows , I am sorry to everyone who was let down , believe me It will never be out of my head. I Send Love and apologies to all . The one thing I can say is that I never gave up on a show and gave everything I had to give , Sorry and Thank You , Meat “
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I remember the days that kind of info was only privy to the lucky forum members, but now the common Facebook folk get first dibs. Where's our preferential treatment dammit!? Lol.

...I jest
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Well, his health is the only thing that really matters. And then he should do what he enjoys mosts. And it sounds like he really wants to 'tour' in one way or the other.

A storytellers show, of some sort, seems to be quite relaxing. Meat is so good with the crowd interaction, and this would give him plenty of oportunity. Not sure if it would really work outside the U.S. or U.K. but at least he has a goal.

And then there is always the chance the tv show gets another season. Or perhaps a complete different tv show, starring Meat.

It is obvious we haven't heard the last of him yet
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Originally Posted by Dick View Post
I remember the days that kind of info was only privy to the lucky forum members, but now the common Facebook folk get first dibs. Where's our preferential treatment dammit!? Lol.

...I jest
Those days are clearly over.

[Rant time]
Forums used to be the best way to communicate about things but now Facebook and Twitter have clearly taken over.
I preferred forums. I visited this place a lot and then there are one or two music making forums I frequent. And I still go back to some of those but I clearly am talking amongst an older generation, usually on average older than me. Picking their brains on how to entertain myself with music or how to entertain others etc. You can still find forums about lots of things but the userbase are definitely dwindling.

I feel social media however is a different matter. People clearly are trying to voice their opinions mostly on tons of different matters and most of that actually seems a waste of time. It's a bit like the old saying "Jack of all trades, master of none." I reckon.

The amount of bullcrap people spout on Twitter especially is absolutely incredible. I've seen a multitude of profiles (celebs, so called "journalists" or just random people) with a history of 100K tweets. They see the likes / retweets number of tweets as a game score for sure. Many are in an echo chamber whilst not realising and when they step out of that echo chamber many fail to communicate on a normal level to the point it's all about how much you can insult or troll someone the most.
So that means their tweet count equates to in the region of 40 tweets AVERAGE per day. How does anyone get any work done with that amount of commenting on random matters? How can you have time to learn a new skill, learn to play an instrument, learn another language, enjoy nature, enjoy spending time with children, loved ones or pets?
When people close to me told me Twitter is no good, it took me a while to be convinced but I'm glad I left that s(h)ite. One of the best decisions I ever made. In that light Mlukfc never impacted my life to anywhere near the extent that Twitter did at times. I guess because here we (mostly) talk about the same subject it is simply not fruitful to be argumentative about everything...

Spending the time I was reading and writing tweets doing something more meaningful I think is a much more rewarding lifestyle than the Twitter addiction.
[/end random rant]

As for Meat doing a storytellers style show, I'd definitely go to see what it's about. That the old days are over I pretty much understood about a year ago.

Hope whatever he does he is happy. And I hope he doesn't get worked up about what people write on the internet about him or others or things. Life is simply too short for that.
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