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I'm developing a phobia of house hunting. When I find one I'm not moving again ever unless I'm not doing it alone (and the person I move with has signed a contract to say they promise they're not a w****r and if they later develop such tendencies (as has been known with males in the past) the house is mine (and they'll continue to pay their half of the mortgage). Problem for me is that as I already have my mortgage (due to a separate set of w****rs taking the house I was buying off the market post surveys and reports) I have to find somewhere and complete by September (or I turn into a pumpkin, lose scary amounts of money and then won't be able to get a new mortgage/buy a house due to horrific interest rates, new lesser-paid job, and considerable amount of capital lost through not buying the house I wanted in the first place). So now very very stressed. I feel like I now know more about the housing market than the estate agent, I can't find anything that I even vaguely like that's not going to be wrought with problems, and in the past 7 days there has been only ONE house in my price range in the area I'm looking to buy that has come new on the market. Arrrrggh!

But on the bright side of things I have tomorrow and Friday off work. So work stress can (hopefully!) stay away for a couple of days. *sigh*
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