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Originally Posted by letsgotoofar View Post
I'm always glad to share. Ted's a friendly acquaintance, and I have loved his work from the time I was a kid. I dunno if you were aware, Sue, but he actually just finished another tour of the show in the States seven years ago; it ran for a good four years or so from 2006 to 2010.

Lately, when he's not engaged with the show live in Europe, he (and some of his fellow original cast members, when schedules permit) tours with screenings of the movie on the nostalgia circuit here in the States. It was initially to promote the film's 40th anniversary in 2013, but lots of little art house movie theaters (and a few Comic Con type events) kept wanting it to come back, so the screenings have continued for some time. PM me what area you live in, I'll let you know if he's coming to town!
Done and again, thanks for the update on Ted N.

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