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Originally Posted by Evil One View Post
If Meat really wanted old live stuff released it would have happened by now
I remember Meat only ever mentioning the CHSIB live stuff during the tour whilst defending his voice due to criticisms especially during the latter part of that tour. Once the tour was done and he had done the MSO commentary he never mentioned anything about that tour again from what I remember.

He just moves on usually even if he had other plans, stuff happens, ideas change, priorities change.

People shouldn't constantly be hanging off the edge of every word that he says.

Steinman wanted to do a climaxes album at one point after Bat 3 got messed up.

Personally I think it's a shame Meat never worked properly with Rob Cavallo again.
I didn't like the Teddy Bear songs (except for Prize Fight Lover) but the production and Meat's voice were probably the best I had heard since Bat 2.
F*cking stellar.
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