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I gave it a couple of plays mostly out of curiosity. I may as well throw in a few opinions as well.

Totally pedestrian. No passion at all. OK singer but nothing special. He over sings a lot.

He doesn't have an ounce of the feeling that Meat Loaf or even Bonnie Tyler would inject into the songs.

I compared the line "you turned her into a ghost but she'll be burning when the night is done" between Tyce and Loaf and it was night and day difference on emotion.

I know Tyce is singing the songs just as written (maybe the view of a gay man) but singing the Bonnie Tyler songs exactly as written was just dumb. On total eclipse the line "you'll always be the only boy" just does not fit. It stands there awkward as hell. Had he done "Ravishing" would he have done the line about wearing a dress?

Meat can be under par at times but he always got exactly what needed to be done and interpreted the song as opposed to shouting it. Tyce has not yet developed the same kind of song interpretation skills. Maybe he will.

To me it is just a decent singer doing rote vocals on classic songs. On the plus side the new arrangements are interesting, even if they don't always work they are trying .
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