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Originally Posted by mindnick1 View Post
have you heard the state of the current music out now!! deplorable if your picking on Tyce's voice, or any others remember the consequencies years down the road when they simply won't be ANY good music....
Ohh damn. I really didn't want to put my opinion in here until i saw this. As if, re-releasing old (maybe even succesful) music, automatically means good music. The Tyce album actually shows the oposite.

I listened to the album. Twice. To put it blank, this is not a good album.

There are many issues I have with the album (not Meat Loaf compared or related)

First of, Tyce voice sounds forced. Maybe he was holding back, maybe he couldn't find the right way to sing the songs, maybe he wanted to achieve something different. Whatever the reason, his singing sounds unnantural and at times (most of them) is unpleasant to listen to.

Secondly, the breathing space is mentioned earlier. Especially a song like Total Eclipse sounds rushed. Listening to it, I was wondering if the singer was late for the last train home.

Thirdly, The screamfest that is All coming back to me now. I wonder what you guys were thinking. The song is unnecersarly loud and Tyce's voice is all over the place but it sounds as if it's never where it should be. (this was the case with more songs but especially with this track it is almost unbarebal to listen to)

Fourth, The loud thing seems an issue. It seems that the lack of being able to add emotion to the songs is covered with loud singing. The loudness doesn't add anything to the songs except for being loud. As with my first point, it doesnt help Tyce bringing the songs in a believable manner.

In fact, if I listen to Tyce (on this album) he sounds like an 'X-factor / Country Got Talent' competetor who sings poppy but tries to add emotion. It falls flat and fails in it's meaning. I never, in none of the songs, believed Tyce, which, listening to some of the lyrics, is kind of a problem.

Finally I think the production team didn't help the artist on this album.

All in all I was very dissapointed by the performance and production of this album. I got a digital copy for free and should have trust myself when I said "don't listen to it. Tyce is not your cup of tea." I just didn't expect it to be this bad.

I know it is a very harsh reply, but I don't think Tyce is the one to keep JS' legacy up. And I don't think it's a good thing for JS' music if this is the way his music is being portrayed for the next generation.

But that is just my opinion. I still wish Tyce all the luck in the World. I still don't think he is the artist for me, and I hope Tyce will put his focus on a different range, because Steinman is clearly not his strong point. And that also goes for the production team.
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