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Originally Posted by 2jaxx View Post
I actually got Braver when it came out, although I was looking for a leak, I would have bought it anyway. I had preordered it earlier and so I had it in the mail on the day of release. I do not have the Tyce album yet, but I haven't downloaded it either. I actually haven't heard it yet. But it might be a record I'd like to own.

Concerning the term 'steal', making a duplicate is still not 'taking', giving it back would be useless. So that definition kind of misses the point.

Anyway, I unterstand why you think that way. I did not want to offend you using the 'desperate salesman' comparison. I just wanted to say, be nice to potential customers, or it is even less probable they will buy your product.
I totaly (as you know) diagree with downloading leaks etc....I think only a musician may understand 100%.....having said all that you dont have the Tyce album, well if you pay the shipping i will send you a signed copy on me...just inbox me, or you can wait until jan/feb 2018 when Warner Bros release the streaming rights worldwide for all mediums..

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