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Originally Posted by mindnick1 View Post
Here is the definition of "Steal"..
"to take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it"

We did not give anyone the legal right to take our material without paying, and the other persons property (mine) was taken without any payment to the thats why i use and will continue to use the word steal...

I am open to a proper discussion, but please don't be disrespectful by calling me a desperate fact i have offered free albums out of my pocket to some people you have there HERO album? CD or Download?

I actually got Braver when it came out, although I was looking for a leak, I would have bought it anyway. I had preordered it earlier and so I had it in the mail on the day of release. I do not have the Tyce album yet, but I haven't downloaded it either. I actually haven't heard it yet. But it might be a record I'd like to own.

Concerning the term 'steal', making a duplicate is still not 'taking', giving it back would be useless. So that definition kind of misses the point.

Anyway, I unterstand why you think that way. I did not want to offend you using the 'desperate salesman' comparison. I just wanted to say, be nice to potential customers, or it is even less probable they will buy your product.
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