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Cool Bat Out Of Hell III: Seize The Night Tour

Additional dates announced for Manchester/Birmingham/London/Sheffield

The following 4 Meat Loaf shows will go on sale to the Fan Club on Friday, November 3rd @ 3:00PM-GMT

Tickets will be available to Meat Loaf Fan Club members with a current, paid membership. To purchase presale tickets, login to and click on the "TICKETS" link. This is a strict presale, no VIP packages will be made available. Exact seating to be displayed during transaction. 4 ticket limit per show.

May 12, 2007MEN Arena, Manchester,
May 16, 2007NEC Arena, Birmingham,
May 25, 2007Wembley Arena, London,
May 29, 2007Hallam FM Arena Sheffield,

Thanks to meats girl.

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