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Originally Posted by nightinr View Post
When and where do we expect Meat to tour? Are we presuming it will just be theatres in the US or do you think he is preparing a UK tour as well?
He said " I am hoping that I will start doing some shows this year , some storytellers type shows not too many though."

That's not a tour. So it looks as though he's dipping his toes in the water with a FEW shows, Storytellers style, and my guess would be perhaps using some dates/venues the band have booked on their US tour.

Depending on how it works out he might well look at touring, although I'd expect this style of show to be in theatres, and in the USA. Promoters in the UK see him as an arena artist, and he'd need to change that perspective .. although the onus of travel is less, and would be better. A new album might focus their minds though.

His voice is well rested .. a year ago he told me his voice was really strong again. It matters so much to him to get back to working. I'm delighted he feels he is getting there. Last week on stage in NYC he looked like a man who'd finally fought his way home But at this stage he's made it clear I think that this is a cautious start to see how things go.
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