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Originally Posted by mindnick1 View Post
Did you also download the BOH musical CD? just curious..or how about Braver by Meat, did you also download that.....and if so did you like it enough to go out a purchase it?

Musical, no. Althought I heard songs and they sound too much 'Grease' to me. So, although I had the oportunity, I didn't download as I can't be bothered by it.

Braver, YES. I have 4 copies (3x CD and 1x Vinyl) but I downloaded that one first. To be fair, I would have bought it either way, eventhough I don't find it that interesting to listen to.

As I said, I buy quite a lot, if not, the download ends up in my trash bin. Unless I like it but it's impossible to obtain the product (out of stock and such). Sorry man, Tyce CD, you already know how I graded it. It ended up in the trash bin of my PC. If I had liked it, I would have bought it. I just didn't like it. And if I did not have the oportunity to listen to it in full first, I wouldn't have bought it anyway. Those are the terms I demand from my spending habbits. It's a luxery I have and make use of.

As for the entire 'Music business ends' rant, I disagree. Although times have changed since the internet, I prefer artists that have Heart for their music, not for THE SUCCESS. THAT is the Voice, Got Talent etc. mentallity. Even today, some of the finest bands/artists got their fame by performing live in clubs (or even doing original stuff on YouTube) before they got the succes of becoming selling artists. Besides, I think real quality prevails anyway. Look at the succes of Adele. Adele created three original songs for a class project. She later posted the tracks along with numerous others on her MySpace profile. The tracks went viral and eventually got to executives from XL recordings.

I guess there are 2 ways to look at music. You can see it as an art, or as a business. If you agree that it is a form of art, just like a good painting/painter, there are only a few out of a million that make money. That is keepng the music business alive, because, downloading or no downloadin, quality prevails.

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