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Originally Posted by Adje View Post
Actually, my comment is about you saying:

I did not brag neither did I spread. But I did download it. It's a classic 'two out of three'. The fact that I obtained this for free, doesn't mean I shared it with others.

As for you calling it 'stealing' is fine by me. I have no problem with you calling it that.

If you mean that others spread this. Sure they did. In fact, I can't imagine any product, available by download, that isn't spread for free. Movies, music, software. Good luck preventing the internet from doing so. This is what you have to deal with. Obviously it's not going away, like it or not. It's the current standard of society. That doesn't mean that it is right, but it does mean you, yes YOU need to make an extra effort for people to BUY it.

And I have a huge collection of BluRay movies and music. And I dare to say that over 75% of my legal collection, I downloaded them for free, before I bought them. And despite what you think, it is not uncommon these days. With all the crap that is coming out, it is impossible to buy everything. And listening to a 30 second clip isn't the same as listening the album at the record store, as I just to do, ages ago. So I am happy with these free srevices. It makes things easier for me to put the money I have with the product I want to spend it on. I am happy to use and benefit from this opportunity. BTW it also means that I threw the Tyce album in my PC trash bin, months ago. In fact, I have only a few free downloads on my PC, and those are waiting to be replaced by 'the real thing'. Either because they are out of stock/no longer available or because I haven't had the time or money to buy them right now.

I admire that. I wouldn't go too public with that though, from a business point of view. But cudos for that.

As for my source, again, if you can't find it, why worry. It probbably means a lot of people can't. Besides it changes nothing to the discussion.
I have no intention of ever trying prevent the internet and downloads etc, that would be insane.....I suppose my mistake is thinking that this site would have some fans who may support and not steal the is the problem with what your doing.......

Anyone ever wonder why Tribute Bands are so huge? at least here in LA they are huge!!!!.....well its because most music out there is substandard so people automatically go to proven music like Zep and The Beatles, proper music as we may call it, Musicians know they can't make money and survive from releasing albums due to illegal downloading so they hit the tribute scene....Back in the day you bought the CD or Vinyl and helped support the artist etc and they continued to write new music, we are only tackling two cups of coffee here to support new music by the way.......why would anyone write new music or redo old music when its just taken away from them for free? they either hit up a tribute band to pay the bills (me I'm in a Joe Cocker Tribute) or they end up getting job out of music......the elite bands still make money from back catalogs etc but new want to be artist are backed in a corner where there only outlet is to try is Idol, the Voice and other BS shows....which are ALL fixed by the bottom line YOU and others like you are contributing to the downfall of music.......15 years ago i had 40 guitar students, now i have 3........these youngsters are smart by not getting into the where will good music come from?........these are facts, i live and breath music every day and its super sad when i come to site like this looking for support for a very similar artist who has been backed publicly by jim himself...Did you also download the BOH musical CD? just curious..or how about Braver by Meat, did you also download that.....and if so did you like it enough to go out a purchase it?

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