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Originally Posted by 2jaxx View Post
Well you keep on using the term "steal", and that term is totally wrong. Is walking into a museum and taking one of the pictures the same thing as taking a photograph? You should embrace the idea that there are actually people who buy records after listening to a ripped copy. I have done so many times. Those are records I wouldn't have bought otherwise. In the past, passing on tapes was a way to promote music to friends, who later often bought records and went to shows. Consider that not everyone who gets his hands on a copy would have bought the record in the first place. But it is a way to spread the word about your art.
Now talking the way you do could actually put some people off. And it paints a picture of a desperate salesman who would put up higher price tags to compensate for a decline in sales. Just my two cents.
Here is the definition of "Steal"..
"to take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it"

We did not give anyone the legal right to take our material without paying, and the other persons property (mine) was taken without any payment to the thats why i use and will continue to use the word steal...

I am open to a proper discussion, but please don't be disrespectful buy calling me a desperate fact i have offered free albums out of my pocket to some people on here and other sites who could not afford it....our sales are doing fine....I am a musician and illegal downloads takes food off my table...this whole notion of...well let me download it first then i will buy it is complete nonsense, you may go out and buy it after, but generally that is not what people do...they may say so....but really come on...its a cop out and an easy thing to say to save face...obv not you....what set me off here on this site is that someone openly bragged about illegally downloading and spreading the album all over the web the day it was released.

I know Meat feels the same do i know? well he told me.....I met him in the thanks to my friend Bob Kulick, he invited to the dressing room where he said he would have Meat sign my albums, i was young at the time so really had no clue what Meat was really talking about when he refused to sign a bootleg album i had.....I went on to become a musician and now totally understand why he would not sign it... you have there HERO album? CD or Download?

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