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Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
Hey - I also work in show business

Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
Alfie Bow had the best selling UK album (with Micheal Ball) in 2016
Idina Menzel sang on the biggest selling Disney Movie of all time - Frozen
Lin-Manuel Miranda - wrote Hamilton which has been sold out in the US for 3+ years and sold out in 2 weeks when put on sale in the UK a year ahead of opening.

There might be call for a Take That or the like in my list.

Ramin is my only indulgence, but only because he's one of the top 5 best male vocalists in the world right now.
All of which are relevant - to your choices. Implying that they wouldn't be mine shouldn't draw such umbrage. (You'd also be surprised where we agree; you choosing Lin-Manuel inspired me to choose him for my list, but for a different track. While he's a competent singer in my opinion, I think he really excels at spoken word, which might be giving too much away, but I'm gearing up to post my list shortly anyway, so it's not a big reveal.)

Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
Musical Theatre stars have a place in this album's story. Bat out of Hell is the most successful Musical Theatre soundtrack album of all time. It's 6 songs from a Musical and 1 filler (Two out of 3). Lucky for us Steinman doesn't write fillers because he's a genius.
I agree, which is why I didn't say none; I said I personally would use less, taking nothing away from what anyone else would choose. (Also, personally speaking, whatever "Two Out of Three Ain't," it also ain't filler, to me anyway.)

Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
I tried to mix contemporary and legacy artists in disc 2. Trying by best to keep Beiber and Sheeran out of it.
Apparently Harry Styles is okay though. (Kidding - I actually quite like the direction he's taking, now that it's not One. See what I did there?)

Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
ps - my idea for this album is a reaction to the Musical which was in Manchester and London and has just opened in Toronto.
Agreed, as is mine.
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