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Hey - I also work in show business

Alfie Bow had the best selling UK album (with Micheal Ball) in 2016
Idina Menzel sang on the biggest selling Disney Movie of all time - Frozen
Lin-Manuel Miranda - wrote Hamilton which has been sold out in the US for 3+ years and sold out in 2 weeks when put on sale in the UK a year ahead of opening.

There might be call for a Take That or the like in my list.

Ramin is my only indulgence, but only because he's one of the top 5 best male vocalists in the world right now.

Musical Theatre stars have a place in this album's story. Bat out of Hell is the most successful Musical Theatre soundtrack album of all time. It's 6 songs from a Musical and 1 filler (Two out of 3). Lucky for us Steinman doesn't write fillers because he's a genius.

I tried to mix contemporary and legacy artists in disc 2. Trying by best to keep Beiber and Sheeran out of it.

ps - my idea for this album is a reaction to the Musical which was in Manchester and London and has just opened in Toronto.
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