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Originally Posted by AndrewG View Post
Probably unlikely to record Stark if quite a bit of the focus was on Holding Out For a Hero so recently I think.
If memory serves, though, their arrangement of "Hero" didn't even use that riff. Granted, I haven't listened to Tyce's in a while (CD player is in the shop), but I'm pretty sure the arrangement made a point of being very different from the original. Hell, going back to the Over the Top (later Dream Engine) arrangement used at early gigs, the riff only existed as a piano intro, and then the rest of the song dispensed with it completely. Seems to me if they didn't include the riff, they can tackle the song it originated in with no trouble.

Certainly more interesting for anyone recording that song than the more overly popular songs at this stage.
On that we can agree for sure!
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