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Originally Posted by Wario View Post
Just saying, I feel like the "Tribute Talk" section should be put on the front page.

Just food for thought. Their seems to have always been a stigma around here that I dont enjoy about tribute acts. Sucks, itd be great to have Pete loaf and Maet Loaf and others come back and we could all promote each others shows.

But the lack of interest and negative responses here is just a pity.

We should start embracing it as a part of the Meat Loaf general discussion, not shove it in with off topic and freds world. its more than that now, we are also keeping Jims songs alive.

food for thought.
Personally I don't care for tribute acts as if I want to see or hear the music I love I want the real thing, so I can either a) go see the actual artist, or b) delve into my vast archive of the real thing.

I get that there is a market for it and good luck to you Chris, but I think it's insulting to say you are now 'keeping Jims songs alive'. Perhaps you have forgotten there is a new album out with Jims songs on it that had a lot of interest? Or that Jim has a certain upcoming musical which will drum up massive interest yet again in his genius? I think Jim and Meat are doing a super job of keeping their songs alive wouldn't you say?

Good luck to you Chris, but please don't use phrases like that. You're better than that.
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