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tribute (n.) -- an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.
Who, reading the definition of that word, could argue that what Wario, or Sean Maloney, or Steve Steinman, or Peat Loaf, or All Revved Up or Anything for Loaf (both based in NY), to name a few, are doing is not created with the best of intentions?

The band or performer to which these acts pay tribute is highly popular, or else why would they? They must admire the original performer, or else why would they play their songs, and sometimes even go so far as to dress in their style?

As of September 11 this year, Meat stated on this forum that Braver was his last record, and he doesn't believe there will be any more tours. So who's going to carry that torch forward? The Bat musical will help, but whilst incorporating many of the songs that Meat made famous on his records, it involves a fictional story entirely unrelated to Meat Loaf. Tyce's record will help, but as we learned when his own guitarist and co-producer posted here, some people liked it for what it was, but most dismissed it with "not my cup of tea" (read: it's not Meat).

Who carries the banner forward? Who gives us a glimpse, however hazy, at the Meat that used to be? The tribute acts. Sooner or later, that's as close as we're gonna get to Meat in the flesh. Soon, all we'll have is the tributes. And I understand why we (and probably Meat as well) are gun-shy about it. One tribute act created such a negative impression that Meat had to sue him for domain squatting, and his name is still on the swear filter list. I get it. But they're not all him. Some of them (Wario in particular) clearly have a passion and love for the man's work, and they aim to help carry the torch forward. So why don't we offer them a proper place? No one's even saying "pride of place," they don't want undue attention. They just want attention, period. Is it so hard to accord them that, happily or otherwise?
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