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Originally Posted by Adje View Post
Because of this? Chris, you do showbusiness. This is going to happen to you more than often, dude.

Besides it is not just 'celebrating' the music. If that was the case all those tribute folks like that Steve Steinman guy and such wouldn't charge what they charge. it's a living for them. In my eyes they are basically parasiting on the succes of an artist that had to work his ass off to become where he is now (and that goed not just for Meat but any artist).

The fact that I wholeheartly disagree with you shouldn't matter to you though. As you said, you have fun with it. You don't carry the ambition to make your own music. You just want to celebrate those songs. And again, I am happy you are able to do so. But, just like that bat musical, I am not your targeted audience and i don't share the same opinion. That happens but in the end it's nothing more than 2 different opinions.

You have people visiting your gigs, you have fun on the stage. That is what should matter to you. Why do you care if I -or others- enjoy tribute acts.
Since Billy hired a tribute act, Mike DelGudice, as guitarist and vocalist the billy community universally has embraced any and every tribute around with undying love and support.

Maybe im spoiled from the billy FB group and fan community im apart of, or maybe that fanbase just has more respect than overthinking things and putting a negative connotation over something that's supposed to be positive.
maybe it has to take meat hiring steve steinman or Tyce.

it costs money to do anything, yes its a living. and Steve isnt being a parasite.

Meat and Jim worked their asses off to get their album heard, regardless if they played their music or someone else. the fact is the music is being heard and enjoyed.

The Meat Loaf community just does not get it. We are gonna eventually do GOING ALL THE WAY soon, and bring that to live audiences Meat can't at the present time.

And yes, ive made the decision months ago. i just lurke now. a shadow of my former self.
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