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Originally Posted by Adje View Post
First of all Chris, I really enjoy to see you being able to do things that you are pasionate about. That said, I belong amongst those people. For a few simple reasons:

- For me it's not about a song but about the combination with the artist performing. It is very rare for someone to make an existing song 'their own' (although there are exceptions of course) and Meat Loaf is the kind of artist that is hard to replace in that matter. That doesn't mean there aren't performers who can sing a song -vocally- better, butter the 'package' is missing. So Meat Loaf tribute bands are simply a hit and miss to me.

- Other fansites are more positive etc. Perhaps that is true. But most of these artist 'just' sing a song. This is the reason I became a Meat Loaf fan and not a Rod Stewart fan, so to speak. I love Rod's songs but he doesn't perform them as Meat performs his songs. Or Billy Joel, who is more up your alley. Meat isn't the only artist who brings that passion, even to his album tracks, not just live, but a big majority of the artist are 'just' singers. And tributing them is merely being able to sing their songs well.

- Why is a tribute band needed anyway. For example, you work hard on creating a set. Why not put that effort in songs of your own and add cover songs for the crowd so they have some songs they recognize. Because even with all the hard work you're doing, a tribute act just sound lazy and being unable to be creative yourself, to me. I know those are harsh words and I know you aren't lazy or uncreative at all, but that is what 'Tribute act' sounds like to me. I rather see a band do something original

I know what meat Loaf looks and sounds like. I don't need to see what some ordinary bloke looks like as Meat Loaf. But that is just my opinion
Than get that off your mind, thats not what a tribute act is.
respectfully disagree whole heartidly.

By that definition Tyce is a tribute act, yet hes treated as a general messages kinda thing.

Its easier to get gigs as a tribute act and its more fun, i dont have the passion of creating my own music.

its fans celebrating the music. some people just cant get that thru their heads.

Im done with this site for good.
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