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True. I was thinking about who could work with Meat to get a different result than the production on BTWA. I understand they had to deal with Meat's voice at the time and not overwhelming it, but I miss the more typical Steinman style of going over the top. Being understated was OK for one album but for me it needs more bombast (not cowbell in this case).
I think we need someone new to work with Meat. I'd love it if Paul was still involved heavily. But look at Ozzy's new album. They were able to bring so much out of him as an artist by surrounding him with the right team. The youthful energy is great. They used Post Malone's producer and team. He's a young artist I didn't know about until the collaboration occurred.

If Meat's voice has recovered as much as he says it has (I have no reason to doubt that), then I think he could benefit from others doing the heavy lifting and injection of some youthful energy into the equation.
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