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Originally Posted by proctorloaf View Post
I understand why the management threw it out. The lyrics are pants. The guy has got an amazing voice but the songs are all style. The melodies are rudimentary and the messages are cliche. Everything that Meat's music isn't.
Not that I ever expect him to work with Meat, but his style is the closest to Steinman I have heard without being sheer imitation. With Meat asking if we would buy 4 or 5 "new" songs and a demo makes me think he wants to do an all Steinman album. Jim possibly doesn't have much left that is usable and most of it is probably many years old. I'm ok with demos, but I would rather they give some other songs a chance. Most of us have heard "Unsaid" and "Decadent Wish" and those were supposed to be on CHSIB album I think.

There must be something else we could get that would be "new" even if it is stuff we uber-fans may have heard. Demos seem like filler to me. They would be interesting and I'd but it for the new songs. Hearing Meat sing "Body" makes it worth purchasing just for that.
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