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Originally Posted by letsgotoofar View Post
I agree, loaferman61, that comparisons will be inevitable whether we like it or not, but can't we avoid making it easier for them to be made?
I don't know how we can. That is up to Meat and the crew. Honestly I think if Meat does another 10 albums they are inevitably be compared to "Bat". You don't even hear many comparisons to "Bat 2" and that was a huge hit itself.

Some of the BTWA reviews were brutal, far worse than it deserved but turn on the radio and hear the garbage they play over-and-over and this is the stuff they judge (critics and the general public) to be "good". I don't think Meat has ever worried about changing to please them, but in a lot of interviews he hits back at critics so obviously he pays attention to them.
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