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A part of me is wondering if, the reason you're being vague, and not really answering questions, is because you're posting on here, and as I'm sure you know Meat does check in, and post on here, hence you not saying a lot more than your tweets do.

Much as I'd like to hear what it is you're actually alluding to, I think i'll stop asking, as it seems you don't really want to say anything more than your tweets actually do. (and yes I've read the stories you've posted on your website blog, so think I know what you're getting at)

As it stands, (phrasing this very carefully) I'm beginning to wonder if you actually are Patti. everything you've said on here is freely view able on twitter or Pattis website. In an attempt to satisfy myself, I've tweeted the twitter profile, which is verified, so if you are you, then could you please just answer that tweet and put the nagging doubt i'm having to bed.

If you are indeed you, then I apologize for doubting you, but for me, something just isn't smelling right here.

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