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Originally Posted by stumpjumper View Post
I’ve endured more than I care to remember. My post(s) were meant for who they were meant for. If you’ve read my stories, I believe you’d understand a bit more as to what I have been trying to make sense of, and it’s only recently that I’m able to feel a sense of normalcy. That pre-holiday notification I received was the tipping point and I fired back. That was MY turning point. For ME. Not for any publication.

Ok. I'm trying to understand here so please bear with me. Your posts were public (assuming you mean Twitter) yet were only for certain people. I have read your twitter, but have not seen any actual stories., where can those be read? If they are not for any publication are we supposed to be able to read them.

Please again understand that I understand how society treats women who are viewed rightly or wrongly as "accusers" and I feel that nobody should dismiss anything brought forward without giving it careful consideration. Is there something out there we have missed seeing in regard to your comments?
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