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I dunno. "Speaking out" now seems like rather a relative term. The gist I'm getting is that she went into a public venue pretty much just to warn her former employers that she has the goods on them, without any regard to the tempest (apparently in a teapot) that it would stir in the fan community. Like, what the hell is the point of going public with this if you're not actually going public with it? Especially going to a fan forum, saying "ask me anything," and then being as elusive as ever.

I'm sorry, that sounds rather angrier than I meant it to sound.

Patti, to address you directly, I'm sympathetic and I want to know your side of the story, but you've gotten rather defensive when people are only doing what you invited them to do and asking questions. I'd very much like to hear the answers. If you feel PM is a better way forward, that's fine and I will gladly reach out, but I think you are better served actually sharing your story.

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