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I apologize for any offence to anyone, if that is how my question came across.

Originally Posted by letsgotoofar View Post
ajf33, I gotta say, I kind of feel like your question is unfair. You might as well ask why all the women who came out against Harvey Weinstein, to point to a much more serious situation (or maybe it's equally serious; if this is Patti, she can clear that aspect up), waited for so long to do so.

When women report things like Patti seems to be reporting at the time they happen, the outcomes are generally terrible. According to research conducted by the Everyday Sexism project, over two-thirds of young women are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace now, today. 80% of them felt unable to report it, but three-quarters of the ones who did said that nothing changed afterwards, and 16% said that the situation got worse. Assuming there is more to this story than what she's posted about so far, it's unrealistic and inaccurate to assume that it was wiser or safer to report at the time.

(Funny that I picked Weinstein, a frequent user of confidentiality pacts, as an example; connecting some dots from previous tweets before she unloaded this stuff, she alluded to freedom in a way that suggested maybe a non disclosure agreement of some kind had expired. I'm not saying that's a fact, but I'm saying it's possible. And, again, if this is her, maybe she can clear that up.)
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