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If you are Patti, then can we ask why you're posting these alleged incidents involving Meat, many years after the event? I could understand it if you'd posted about them in the aftermath of your departure from the Neverland express, but it's nigh on 10 years since you left, so why now?

Originally Posted by stumpjumper View Post
Greetings to all. Iíve been on this site for quite some time ( years) , albeit , with a username that is not recognized.
Itís me. Patti Russo....
Im not here to argue or defend myself. Iím here to only say that if you have a question to ask of me, allow me to answer them now that you know that Iím here.
Iíve seen a lot of comments here over the years..The internet makes us all a bit bold and we forget that we are all connected.
I donít believe Iíve ever been anything but gracious and humbled to any one of you over the many years that Iíve come to meet and know you all.
I am here now, in the open, to speak for myself, rather than not.
Thank you all and wish you all only the best, always.
Lotsa love Xxoo Patti
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