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Originally Posted by Tina.K. View Post
Last week he was with Paul Crook at a Queen concert where they met Brian May and Roger Taylor. I’m quite sure it triggered him to do some music in the future in a possible way to him. Maybe they chatted about it. Let’s hope so. Even if he can’t do gigs anymore, he might find a way to be on stage or make another album. I’m very curious about his voice now. If I was at the comic con I would probably ask him about the future, how his voice is now and if he could sing a line from a song from Braver, cause he loves that album.
I was amazed he got no questions about the future. Maybe people think he is retired or something. I'm sure back issues are a consideration on singing since so much of the body is involved, especially when you have such a big voice like Meat does. I think an album is somewhat likely, much like "Braver" I suspect it will be any odd songs Jim has stashed about and Jim's involvement will be about the same which is extremely minimal. Depending on how many Jim has and is willing to allow use of, he may have to add some other writer's work as well. I would like a new producer or go back to Rob Cavallo. No offense to Paul but "Braver" lacked the "big sound" especially piano. Maybe he had to work around the limitations of Meat's health though so that may be the reason in fairness to Paul..
I could see him doing an album more than a tour, he disliked all the travel over a decade ago and his injury landing him in the hospital for a month is a big concern.
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