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I think with things like the album covers, he's looking at it generally - that he isn't the type of artist to put himself on the covers. Though he could well have just forgotten about Midnight and Blind. We all overlook things.

It does always baffle me at Q&A events when the so-called fans ask the same tired things over and over again, things that even the most casual of fans would already know. And at one point in that session, Meat had to interrupt the audience member who's already started to tell the story himself! Crazy.

Would love to see Meat do more of this, though. I was at the one he did in London last summer, and that was really good. He was on great form for that one. And it would be nice to hear more about any album that isn't 'Bat Out Of Hell' (much as we all love it). It's the same when it comes to documentaries or biographies about him - there's a bit on his childhood, a few words about theatre work and meeting Jim, then there's Bat, and that's about it.
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