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Originally Posted by AndrewG View Post
Good to see him looking good but seriously, why in the name of holy jehova do people constantly ask the same questions for decades?! Even questions like: "I'd like you to describe the Bat out of hell demo rejections again." In other words, they have heard that story, but just want to hear it again.

He just explained "That" and a woman still wanted to ask him about it. Mental.

Not a single person asked him what he still has planned or if he watches recent movies or likes current music or what he still wants to sing. Or even a question about the band with Caleb.
So bizarre. Always the obvious stuff he has told so often and has even been recorded on the Bat out of Hell documentary and Storytellers thing.
Gotta agree, I think it is really cool that fans get to ask those questions and they did pay for the experience so have the right to ask what they want but sometimes it is frustrating to hear stuff that is already known.

I'd be really interested in hearing a proper sit down Q&A with him that covers his whole career. Things like how he feels nowadays about those none Jim albums like Midnight/Bad Attitude/BBIS/CHSIB/etc. Are their any songs he especially loves from them, that he enjoyed performing?

I think some of the things he said were a bit weird too, especially the regarding him not appearing on album covers, considering he is pictured on the back of Bat 1 and the front of Midnight and Blind :P I suppose that was beyond his control tho?
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